It's been a year since I last updated this space. Time sure flies. In between hustling towards my dream career, I'm glad to take a breather and do the things I love most, sharing and connecting with people.

Yesterday, we had a sharing session on mental illness, an issue very close to my heart. Through our sharing, we talked about some difficult things, abusive relationships, eating disorders, and the stigma around mental health.

As an advocate of mental health, I'm glad that at least now, we have the space and opportunity to freely talk about these things. To be vulnerable, to share our innermost thoughts, and not be judged for it. A tiny spark can create fireworks. When one person initiates the conversation, it disseminates and soon becomes a movement.

Sharing and caring create a ripple effect. The student that I kept company ended up helping another student who had mental health issues, and through the domino effect, it created a web of supportive community who supports discreetly, but there, nevertheless.

I believe that whatever pain we went through yesterday, might be someone else's strength in the future. Looking at in now, my long journey of healing has served its purpose. Even then, healers need healing too, you know?

From our conversations, I came to see that shared experiences create interconnectedness. In the end, we're not so different, you and me.

Keep the conversation going. You never know who it might reach next.