On this day, I am twenty three,
And truth is, the world still puzzles me.
Where life is so full of uncertainties,
And I can only count on the Almighty He.

Thoughts of the future run through my head,
Like a bullet train running on its track.
But it's best not to think too far ahead,
Just carry on, with my dreams on my back.

The road ahead is still very much hazy,
Not to mention the bumps and the holes,
But as dark as the tunnel may be,
I'm sure we will always find our way home.

Perhaps in a few years time, I'd settle down,
Be a wife, and perhaps someone's mom.
But I decided the time is not now.
We'll just wait and see, how it all turns out.

So I think it would be best,
To give my heart a little rest.
After all, life is just a big test,
We might as well pray, and do our best.

16th August 2015.
Older and wiser, at twenty three.