The kampung girl in the big city,
Where hopes and dreams collide,
The streets lights they're all so pretty,
The light, it made her eyes wide.

Days passed and there she was,
At the two towers of Petronas,
And stood there she was,
Her beloved ex lady boss.

They spent the day on a nerd date,
Went into space and oil rigs,
Lucky her side was on to fate,
And they said goodbye with a kiss.

Went into a book store and there he was,
The writer the man himself.
It was not his look but rather his words,
That had put his name on the shelf.

After the encounter, my heart pondered,
Waiting for my cucu to arrive.
As as they came, we talked and yondered,
Until it was to to say goodbye.

Some sisters bonding time at night,
The sea of humans gave us a fright.
As long as we were together,
I wished that this could last forever.

Au revoir , big city.
You have been good to me.
But this is not home, only temporary.
And back home, must this kampung girl flee.