I started joining Yalla Foundation when I was in my second year at Alexandria. My first time being seeing Yalla at work was during the Peadiatrics Day at the Shatby Children's Hospital. I took a lot of pictures of the kids and I realised it made me very happy inside.

I then messaged the admin of Yayasan Yalla on FB and from that moment on I was a Yalla Ranger which was one of the best things that happened to me in my life.

The thing about Yalla is that we were a group of like minded and strong willed people who were driven to do charity work. I always look forward to our gatherings because it always felt like meeting my own brothers and sisters rather than co-workers.

I learnt a lot seeing how the Yalla projects are carried out: the planning and financing, donations, buying the stuff and doing the accounting of our expenditures. Though I never really lead a project there, but through observations I managed to improvise and manage my own branch of Yalla charity now.

I suppose my involvement in debate, photography and being a Yalla ranger back during my early years helped me prepare to lead Yalla Malaysia today. Most of the time I manage most of the things myself; planning and arranging the events and meetings, media stuff like making posters and videos, and the accounts. Though I am very glad to have my Malaysian rangers with me, especially Lily who have been helping me a lot with requiting new members. And Kak Timah who has always been close to me in Alex has always been supportive of since back then till this very day.

Now, I've managed to handle 5 projects and alhamdulillah, when we started from zero, I feel that now we have something to be proud of. The two hardest part for me so far; gaining people's trust and the funding. Back in Alex Yalla is very well known; here people keep asking me if Yalla is from Thailand. Oh my. But all the charity homes welcomed us with open arms and it has been a very pleasant experience for me so far, alhamdulillah. 

Regarding the funding, most of the activities earlier came mostly from close fanily and friends. Alhamdulillah now by Kak Timah's hard work we have received quite a sum of money under Dana Khas of Kedah State Goverment. And even better news is that we've received quite a number of sponsors for our 5th project and some others have approached us for the next one, insyaAllah. All thanks to my family friend Shah Jehan who has helped to find the sponsors for our programme.

Things are looking very well for Yalla Malaysia now, and I hope the road after this will be even better, InsyaAllah. I plan to do charity work till I'm old and grey, and I hope my own litte family will learn to spread the love and heal this world, too.

I wish for enough time to see the world, and enough love to heal it.

Ameen ya rabb.