I was at Kinokuniya KLCC today when I stumbled upon a book reading session by Anwar Hadi there. I really had no clue why there was a crowd there but to my surprise there he was, in flesh and blood.

I do read his blog from time to time, and I find his vlogs rather amusing as he seemed to have his own aura and a very strong moral value to his messages.

After a book reading session of his new book "Whatever you say/ I'm OK", Rabak Lit had a Q&A session, and I had the opportunity of asking him a random question;

"Where do you see yourself in 10 years, in terms of writing and rapping, perhaps?"

It seemed that my question caught him by surpise but he answered it quite well. He said that he wanted to continue writing and perhaps be more serious in rapping, and producing music. 

I was rather shy upon meeting him face to face but I think he is rather nice and friendly in person, masyaAllah.

May Allah bless him and continue giving him inspiration so that he can inspire us too, 10 years from now, insyaAllah :)

With the man himself. A pleasure to finally meet him in person.

Thanks for the memories.