I was listening to an interesting talk on happiness among Icelanders and the speaker popped the question: “When were you last truly happy?”. That question hit me hard.

If I were to choose a time that I was last truly happy, it would be a year ago spending time with good company with meaningful conversations and deep connections. After reflecting back on this, only then did I realize that it has been so long since I felt that surge of happiness coursing through my veins.

I used to spend my days in the pursuit of happiness. As I grew older, I found the term 'happiness' to be such a strong word. Rather than being happy, my outlook on life changed to gratitude, contentment and savouring and cherishing the small moments in life.

Like how Julia Michaels beautifully phrased it,

"I look at happiness in microdoses, and all the little things equate to larger happiness." 

Perhaps there will come a day when I will truly feel happy again. Till then, let's savour each moment.