These days have come and passed in the blink of and eye,
And I am glad to say that here am I.
Standing here all flesh and bones,
As I think of the words that will end up on my stone.

How the best of things tend to come unexpected,
I have come to learn to not take things for granted,
For people come and go, that's just how life goes.
But the good ones will stay, and go through all your woes.

Light a spark that will ignite,
Realise all your dreams and let them shine bright.
Storms will come, sure they will do,
But everything will be allright, as long as I have You.

Keep calm and stay steady as the ships sails ashore,
As you will always be the girl craving for more,
Let your wings take flight up to the sky,
As we soar towards the heavens, you, and I.