She was flying.

Her wings finally spread out again, after so many years. She always knew she had wings, it was just that she forgot how to fly. And then she finally remembered how to, she felt this sense of liberation in her soul, the joie de vivre that she forgot she had in her.

Her wings were made from the fabric of love; that of her family, and everyone she ever loved.
The beating of her heart gave them strength, every beat echoed through the feathers that glowed with stardust every time she flapped them.

The first flight was the scariest. She stood at the edge of the cliff, staring into the unending horizon and the dark abyss beneath her.

"Fight, or flight", she said.

She chose flight. But not against the unknown, instead, she delved straight into it, with a thrust of her powerful heart. As her legs took off from the ground, so did her spirit.

In the empty space between heaven and earth, she saw the whole galaxy with brand new eyes. Uncharted terrain which she never even imagined, auroras of every colour. Constellations that interconnected like the fragments of her life, finally painting a perfect picture, rewriting her destiny as a heartfelt scripture.

But then, a storm broke in the middle of nowhere. She was caught in the turbulence, unable to escape. All she saw was haze, and a blinding light. She was lost, yet again. And her heart was too. The engine of her wings started to weaken with each dying beat of her heart. Her feathers, tore at the edges as all the love that she had faded away. And with that, all she knew was she was free falling back to Earth.

Back on solid ground, she finally opened her eyes again, after was felt like a lifetime of darkness. She looked at her wings, they were gone. What was left were only the scars of where they used to be, which resembled the scar on her heart. A deep pain crushed her bones, as she know her moment of euphoria in utopia was forever lost. Pearls of tears fell on her cheek, and that night, she cried herself to sleep, hoping to dream of her lost Neverland once more.

The next day, she woke up. She was still surrounded by darkness, but this time she saw a twinkling light from a distant star. It was only one star, but she knew, that was her calling. That her utopia is telling her to come back, and that there was still hope, even if it is light years away.

So she carried her dreams on her back, and made her way home. She crawled, and then she walked and ran, until she grew her wings again, and there she found her home in Neverland.

Anis Nadia, 10 January 2016.

Inspired by the song: Lost Boy - Ruth B