I remember the first day I decided to join volunteer work. It was five years ago, in Alexandria, Egypt. I was taking photos of the children in the paediatric ward at the Shatby Children’s Hospital and I realised how happy I felt at that time. I joined Yalla Charity, and as they say the rest is history.

Fast forward to this day, I’ve joined many volunteer projects, under Yalla in Egypt, Projek REBUNG organised by MYCOT and most recently The Pelangi Project organised by Malaysian students studying in Zagazig University, Egypt. Although each of these projects brought different experiences for me, I find myself always humbled by each of these experiences and the lessons they teach me.

I think of all the lessons that I learnt, the most valuable would be appreciating what we’ve got. More often than not, I find myself scrolling through social media, wishing for things I don’t have. Everybody puts up their best front in Facebook, Instagram etc., showing off what they have to the world. As any normal human being, my nafs of this dunya takes over, wanting more than what I have, and taking things for granted.

During my visit to Dahikmah orphanage with The Pelangi Project in Gopeng, most of the children there were either orphans or those less privileged from poor families whose guardians could not afford to take care of them. Staying in the orphanage compound for 3 days gave me a taste of what their life felt like. During a late night chat with Ayu my groupmate, she said to me, “At least we have a place to go back to, but these kids don’t”. That thought struck me the most.

After returning home from the project, I have a newfound appreciation for my parents and for my home. Perhaps I have taken for granted, having been blessed with a family and a roof over my head.

On the authority of Abu Huraira (R.A.A.) 
who said: The Prophet (PBUH), said: 
"Look upon one who is below you in status. 
In this way you will not look down upon the grace of that God bestowed upon you."  
(Bukhari and Muslim)

I hope that Allah SWT will give me the chance to continue learning, and giving. 

InsyaAllah, InsyaAllah.