As I approach my mid twenties, I realised how fast things were changing around me; people getting married, having babies, starting careers and also those who have passed away. I suppose that is the reality of life, and of time generally. How fleeting each moment is, and in the blink of an eye, the whole world changes. As one leaves this earth, another new soul is born. And we, the ones that are still living, struggle with the ever changing realities of this life.

Though and my friends and I are the same age, most of us are going through different stages of life. Some have decided to settle down early, get married and have a family. Others just graduated, just starting a career, and such. As for me, I’m still living the hectic life of a dental student, finishing quotas, treating patients and buried in lab work.

One thing I noticed is that how time passes differently for each of us. Though I would rather say that it is matter of events that occur in one person’s life, that may or may not differ from another’s. For example, graduating or getting married. At 23, a lot of my friends have already graduated, some even having children of their own. And one thing I noticed that at different points in our life, our priorities change, and the people who you once called ‘best friend’ has a life of her own and most probably won’t have time for us like they used to.

And that’s okay.

I suppose its all part and parcel of growing up, of letting go, and moving on. Because life is always in constant motion, always changing, and we just have to accept fate and go with the flow. Because a lot of things are out of our hands. Who comes into our life, and who leaves.
Though we will always try our best in certain things, like finding a spouse, but I believe that things will come when the time is right. That doesn’t mean that we should just sit back and expect things to fall into our lap. For me, it means that we try, but have faith in Allah’s plan for us. When it comes to fate, there is no such thing as early or late, I believe. When it’s time, things will come our way.

InsyaAllah, InsyaAllah.